We are Rollerskool !
An Internationally accredited Inline Skate School Program.

This means we are serious about helping people enjoy themselves on skates. Even if it is their very first time.

We believe that the first experience is the starting block that sets the tone of how our customers view a sport. 

That is why we are very adamant about making sure you have a great first experience with us.



We cater a range of experiences starting from regular classes that cater children to adults, after school activities, private classes, group sessions, events and team ups. 
All providing the equipment needed to skate; helmets, body protectors and inline skates. We have a wide range of sizes so please feel free to ask us how we can help get you introduced into inline skating. 

Our mission is to progress the skating industry into a professional and positive one that proves well managed sports ecosystems are a source of health, wealth, peace and prosperity. 


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