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Weekend Classes

Inline Skate Classes for the whole family


In Rollerskool we conduct classes offline in locations arount the Jakarta and Tangerang Selatan Area.

These classes are usuallyon the weekend to accomodate weekend activities.

The classes are for both children and adults depending on demand.

The current active locations will be in the drop menu.

We believe that families experience a better inline skate learning curve with Rollerskool than learning by themselves. 

Many families purchase skates and cannot use them,
some buy and find it really difficult just to stand and others who have experienced inline skating know that if not done in a safe way can result to injury.

Rollerskool classes are here to provide just that, an enjoyable experience for all especially for those who are just starting.

As an internationally recognized skate school program we make sure that every class in safe, fun and effective.

Besides offline classes, we also have online classes, private classes, small group and after school activities.

All this is due to the new normal conditions we live
in where it is more important than ever to make sure we stay active, healthy and positive.


In Rollerskool we believe that everyone has the right to an inline skate experience that is fun, safe and effective. 

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