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Rollerskool COVID Protocols

for offline classes 


With COVID and its numerous variants we have learned is that the best way to continue is to be vigilant, cautious and optimistic when it comes to in person activities. Protecting everyone to the best of everyone's abilities is the best attitude to bring to this new normal of doing things. We are here to stay and lead if necessary the standards needed to make sure Rollerskool's classes protect everyone. And to ensure this, we conduct the following protocols with the aim to provide our safe, fun and effective classes where ever you are:  



  • Mandatory Mask Usage 


In this class we come full with masks, face shields and gloves limiting our potential contact with our customers. Plus we make sure that we keep a safe distance and replace any components of the class with safe distancing measures. This way our classes are fully manageable while being physical distancing appropriate. All customers are required to wear a mask at all times, if skaters sweat a lot and need a replacement mask we shall provide one.  


  • Temperature Check 

Temperature checks are mandatory for both coaches and skaters. We ask that parents and participants notify us in advance should there be change in health so that we can take the appropriate response. It could mean a postponement or cancellation or refund depending on circumstance. Please contact our administration team to be fully updated on the current terms and conditions of our class. 


  • Santizer for all equipment 

All equipment are cleaned weekly and sanitized daily before and after class. We make sure that any equipment that comes into contact with participants is cleaned. This way we ensure that viral contamination is severely limited so participants feel safe during our class. 


  • Weekly Swab Test ( Mandatory for all Coaches)

All our coaches undergo an mandatory swab test making sure that if coaches are infected we take the priority to ensure that they stay safe and take the time to rest, our classes then have tracing proof of all our coaches are not infected during class, this way we can direct the tracing where ever it is needed to isolate the spread of this virus. 


We at Rollerskool believe that learning a new skill such as learning to inline skate it improves not only our overall mood, it helps with improving our immune system and it give the opportunity to part take in a positive and constructive activity. 


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